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Upstate New York Shares

June 8, 2021. Thumb : 4

We experience continuos tv outages using Verizon broadband and the Google YouTube TV app. Verizon claims it is not their fault. We use Verizon broadband and cell service. We have used Google's Chromecast for approx 3 years now and the outages began approx 1 year ago. Have reset Chromecast several times, rebooted everything, etc.


Tyler Lester

June 16, 2021. Thumb : The app has to be restarted every time I try to cast to my Chromecast. The channel lineup and DVR are great.


Justin Owen

May 27, 2021. Thumb : 16

Edit May 2021: same issue March 2021: Have to stop casting on the "home" app and restart to switch games. FYI have google fi phone on Google wifi to a chromecast ultra on gigabit connection that's wired via cat6. Same error trying to load ads. I don't have any adblocker at all. December 2020: Doesn't work well with chromecast. When trying to change "channel" get a black bar that says ad. Have to restart app on phone and chromecast to fix. Also I can't see what's on next???


Grant Lundberg

May 6, 2021. Thumb : 8

This subscription is expensive and the app isn't great. It has trouble switching from one chromecast to another. Sometimes if you press the "skip ahead 15 seconds" button, it goes live instead


Hiram Tibbitts

April 29, 2021. Thumb : 6

Update, 4/29/2021: Issue of not recording MLB games on MLB Network appears to be fixed! The only glaring flaw at the moment is the no multi-user support on Chromecast with Google TV. But overall it's getting better.


Kenny Daily

June 10, 2021. Thumb : It wouldn't be too bad if I could actually get it log back onto my Chromecast so I can watch it off my TV


Mike Herrmann

June 17, 2021. Thumb : Great! The Chromecast app is excellent too


Yady Da

May 5, 2021. Thumb : 2

App for chromecast with Google tv has no way to highlight the sign in!!! This just happened today!


CJ Saati

May 15, 2021. Thumb : Sound cuts out and forces me to restart the chromecast whenever i switch programs using this app instead of the Anroid tv app


Michael Agunga

April 8, 2021. Thumb : 1

Better selection than other apps, but the functionality is very glitchy especially if you are using Chromecast



January 25, 2021. Thumb : 133

Don't use this service unless you have a remote control, or it's built into a device. No matter what I watch, when I cast to chromecast, it goes back to something from days ago by itself. When I try to cast to Chromecast and am in the middle of a show, it always resets to the beginning of the show. I almost always have to reset the app before casting because the app freezes after hitting play. It's a half concocted garbage app, an absolute waste of a great opportunity.


Long Tran

February 15, 2021. Thumb : 14

This app is like a poorly trained dog, when I say join live I mean join live not start from the beginning. Chromecast is awful, you have to try multiple times for it to work. Frustrating experience, the only thing that does work well is the cancel subscription option, thank goodness for that.


Chadd M

February 2, 2021. Thumb : 43

The fact that this is a paid platform is unfortunate. I've encountered too many bugs for this to be considered a premium experience. Casting to a Chromecast device only works 30% of the time... What's the point? I've inquired several times for support but never received an email back.



January 26, 2021. Thumb : 13

Update: if you hate yourself and want to be pissed everytime you try to watch TV install this app, pay for the service and chromecast. Two stars to one. Sucks balls!!! UPDATEJumped back on it after a yr or so off. Still not worth the aggravation. Glitchy and frustrating. Detailed review to follow.


C Poteat

February 22, 2021. Thumb : Awesome way to watch TV instead of nab package and spectrum. Just wish it stop cutting out during play while casting to my chromecast.


Charlie Kehoe

March 26, 2021. Thumb : 31

Great idea with bad execution. The app is the flakiest one on my phone. This is a Google app, running on a Google phone, with a Google Chromecast.


Rajan Vohra

March 10, 2021. Thumb : 5

App is temperamental, many a time what's playing is not what's selected. Keeps losing sync with my Chromecast, while apps like an Amazon prime, Netflix don't have that problem. No surround 5.1 on many programs; in 2021 this is unacceptable.


Scott B

February 4, 2021. Thumb : 4

Needs improvement. I use this app with a chromecast. The "live" section doesn't update to the current 1/2 hr unless I close and reopen the app, which is annoying when I want to scan thru the listing to see what's on.


Anthony Raffa

January 25, 2021. Thumb : 9

This app has trouble casting via chromecast (also a Google product). I should be able to click on the show and the show plays! But sometimes it goes back 3 hours of programming, other times it's a spinning wheel forever. It's incredibly inconsistent.

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