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Jenni Shepherd. June 21,2021. Thumbs & Commnets : 306

For years, I've had no issue with Netflix, screen sharing to my chrome cast, it's been my only viable option for viewing due to no broadband services being offered where I live. Now, after the latest update, I get audio, but NO video. With everything I try to watch. Seriously, what is the point in spending my hard earned income, when the service can't even work right?! If I wanted just audio, I'd listen to a book. This is ridiculous.

Dodi Darcy. June 21,2021. Thumbs & Commnets : I have a Chromebook, and I can't scroll on the app, and if I hit movies or series only one movie ad willl show on my screen. I have no way of scrolling through or looking at other movies. only the search bar works, but I don't always know what's on Nextflex. This sux

ChromeBlue Doge. June 13,2021. Thumbs & Commnets : 215

Decided to rewrite this so that it's concise. I can't use the service because of the 5.7 error. Works fine with an internet connection, but I have no need to watch when I have one. So in short, a service is being paid for, but I'm not getting it. Problem: 5.7 Error.

Lian. June 8,2021. Thumbs & Commnets : 6

Cast to chromecast button missing. Tried all steps in support website with no luck. This happened a few weeks ago after updating the app and wasn't resolved in the latest update either. I can successfully cast my screen and cast feom other apps.

anoop gopikumar. June 10,2021. Thumbs & Commnets : Need fast forward option by 10 or 30 sec when casting using chromecast. Not sure why this is not there. More important than stop. Ideally change pause to stop as next step.

Miss Azwa. June 13,2021. Thumbs & Commnets : the cast icon didn't show up even though i already restart the chromecast, unistall re-install apps, sign in sign out, restart phone many times. seriously don't know what else to do. very frustrated

Michael Bouley. June 12,2021. Thumbs & Commnets : 1

This has been a great app that runs as smooth as streaming on any other device. I have been able to watch from my Chromebook, Android Smartphone and SmartTV without a hitch. And more than ample content.

Kylie Herron. June 15,2021. Thumbs & Commnets : I already have netflix on all my apliances at home except for my computer but now i have netflix installed on all of my household electronics. Theres no lag and on my hp chromebook it has a tiny portion on the screen to watch while doing schoolwork or playing games.

Mari Lopez. May 31,2021. Thumbs & Commnets : 507

Never had a problem with the app before, but now it just doesn't open at all!! I'm assuming it's a result of the latest update. I tried deleting and downloading the app again but it did nothing... So now I can only watch it from my smart tv, NOT on Chromecast or my phone anymore! It's frustrating to pay for a service and not be able to use it.

Raj M. June 19,2021. Thumbs & Commnets : Doesn't work with Chromecast anymore. This sucks to play on the devices that doesn't have the inbuilt app and only have the casting option.

Gabriel Jabłoński. April 8,2021. Thumbs & Commnets : 517

The app works as intended on my phone, but when casting on a chromecast, the controls are glitchy and unreliable. The show plays, but the app disconnects, the buttons get greyed out, the notification disappears and comes back seemingly on a whim. After a while the buttons come back, but sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. The progress bar doesn't work at all, using it doesn't have any effect on the show currently playing on the TV, instead it greys out itself and the buttons. Pls fix

Julia Adler. April 10,2021. Thumbs & Commnets : 22

Frustrating! After 12 months of casting Netflix from my phone to 2 TV''s. I suddenly stopped being able to do this. I can still cast other apps from my old ipad to TV using chromecast so it's not chromecast. After 4 mths without Netflix (and still paying for it). No technical assistance has managed to sort this. Today I wasted another 90 mins in a chat room. It is so infuriating and trying to sort something over a cellphone chat.

Rebecca March. May 2,2021. Thumbs & Commnets : 145

It is, of course, quite brilliant. However I am currently experiencing a problem in that the chromecast icon is not appearing. It's only on my phone and only Netflix. All other streaming services cast just fine from my phone and I am able to cast Netflix from my tablet. I hope this issue can be rectified soon.

Elie Massoud. June 19,2021. Thumbs & Commnets : I used to watch through chromecast but suddenly starting this week i am not able anymore because the picture is totally black and just hearing the sound of the movie

pieter van os. April 25,2021. Thumbs & Commnets : 6

App does what it has to do, but on a chromebook it is not working so well. Randomly while watching a show it kind of refreshes and goes back to the start screen and when you click from the start screen on a tv show the mobile view is being loaded so the screen looks really small and strange. Looks like 2 small bugs

Mark Randell. April 20,2021. Thumbs & Commnets : 93

I am experiencing connection issue when i try to connect my Chromebook through hdmi to my Samsung TV. When I try to watch something through hdmi to my TV there's Audio but there's no Picture. This does not affect the Menu and my Profiles, but only when I play Movies or Series. I have updated my Chromebook to the latest version update as well as my Netflix app. I have High Speed internet. I have tried different HDMI cables and used different HDMI ports but no luck. Kindly fix. Thank you!

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