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Mike N

June 15, 2021. Number of thumbs, comment : 13

Utterly pathetic. You download stuff on Wi-Fi only to be faced with a message saying it's been deleted when you want to view it. Terrible functionality, unreliable Chromecasting experience. Doesn't allow you to remove unfinished series/films from Continue Watching section. Doesn't respond to Bluetooth headset controls. You need to look at the Netflix app if you expect to compete with them.


Scott Ricketts

June 15, 2021. Number of thumbs, comment : I've really been loving this app with no complaints but starting since the last update, I can't play 4k video through the app. I can Chromecast 4k content but on my Shield TV 2019 now every show is just 1080. I've forced it to set 4k as my preference but it makes no difference.


Rebecca Desvaux

June 17, 2021. Number of thumbs, comment : Very frustrating. I have a Chromecast and never had any problem casting Netflix on my tv. For Disney + it works once every 30 trials. Disappointed.


Jesse W

June 12, 2021. Number of thumbs, comment : 11

No issues and I'm using terrible au internet. Instant loading of 4k and also flawless on an old s2 tablet. Anyone complaining is either confused about their internet connection, or they're using a Chromecast or 3rd party hardware to stream.


Lynn O

June 10, 2021. Number of thumbs, comment : 28

The app is impossible to use with our chromecast, while we have no issues at all with other video-apps. IF the connection succeeds at all, it takes forever and usually many tries. It has gotten worse and worse. Sometimes we get a header-error message, but usually it just loads and loads and loads. No issues if not connected to chromecast. Same for both android and iphone.


BoonHan Tan

June 2, 2021. Number of thumbs, comment : 121

If i choose to download into external storage, the app will not be able to play the video & the app will crash. I can only download into internal storage in order to watch the video. I'm currently using my Android phone and cast it on my TV using google Chromecast. The problem is after every episode, it doesn't auto play the next episode. I have to use my phone to play the next episode. The control at the bottom of the screen should also include "previous/next episode" in addition to skip 10s.


Meagan Dykstra

May 25, 2021. Number of thumbs, comment : 18

Great content, but the app itself could be better. When casting to my Chromecast, there's no option to skip the intro of TV shows, or skip to the next episode when the credits start (it will start counting down "20 seconds before the next episode starts" but you can't choose to bypass this wait time).


Jonathan Long

May 28, 2021. Number of thumbs, comment : 5

If I'm just using the app on my phone, it's decent. The purpose of me subscribing though was to stream to my chromecast TV. Which I have never been able to get to work. Doesn't matter what troubleshooting I try, no resolution. If this gets fixed I'll adjust my rating...


Janosch Koch

April 23, 2021. Number of thumbs, comment : 9

Chromecast connection only works, when you establish it in the overview window and only start a ashow AFTER an established connection. Disney+ not working over Norton VPN. Therefor I have to turn off the VPN even in unsecure networks. This way Disney+ is a security threat and absolutely not user-friendly. Closed captions don't show foreign languages: "Buenos dias" is being displayed as "(Speaking spanish)"



June 9, 2021. Number of thumbs, comment : 2

Lots of troubles lately when connecting to Chromecast! After the last update it won't even recognize the device. Logs out unexpectedly... It's a paid service, at least hire proper developers to solve these issues!! Come on Disney!


Allison Härtling

March 31, 2021. Number of thumbs, comment : 142

Great selection of movies, but still a lot of bugs in the app to work out. It really doesn't work well with Chromecast... It will randomly crash in the middle of a show, or the streaming notification bar will disappear so I can't control it. Also, you can add shows to your list, like in netflix, but you can't find your list back anywhere.


Gemma Everard

May 21, 2021. Number of thumbs, comment : 14

Love the app. Great selection of series and movies for both children and adults. Would be great if there was a continuous play when using it with the chromecast on the tv. Having to play next episode every 10 minutes for the kids is a tad annoying when trying to get on with other things.


Onno Twisk

April 23, 2021. Number of thumbs, comment : 3

Its improving rapidly in the content area, especially the addition of star was very good. Biggest pain is that the user experience is clunky and inconsistent. Sometimes the app itself needs to be restarted when I open it, and the chromecast feature doesnt support going to the next episode without using my phone


Suprasan Kodial

May 1, 2021. Number of thumbs, comment : 16

Great content but app isn't that great. Slower and less intuitive navigation compared to other OTT, no voice search, frequent "something went wrong" messages, cannot cast to Fire stick (though Chromecast works okay), searching for individual episodes of TV series not possible (eg "Mickey's big band concert"). And why is the old Jungle Book not available in kids' profiles??


Rylan Zachary Finzer

May 2, 2021. Number of thumbs, comment : 28

Content is great. Chromecast support needs help. This is the only streaming app that I have issues streaming with while casting from my Pixel. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO Max and YouTube can all cast in 4K without any issues. This app likes to pause and buffer for a few seconds, multiple times throughout watching movies. Not sure what the issue is... But it's definitely not internet speed. Please fix this. It's been going on since this app launched. All you guys do is increase the price.

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