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 Horacio J. June 24, 2021. Thumbs : 322. Review : 1. Many times "skip ad" skips intro too.. BTW, I DON'T WANT ADS. 2. "watch episode [random number] again" WHY?? Is it so difficult to tell the obvious "watch next episode"? 3. Takes forever to load the app in the Chromecast and usually takes forever to start and takes forever to recover from a "rewind 10 seconds" or "advance 30 seconds. No. Is not my device nor network. This doesn't happen with other streaming services. 4. Restarts from the beginning when reopening the app.

P L Arora. June 21, 2021. Review : I noticed from last, that volume level is low, in compare to other App. I tried in Mobile, Google Chrome or MI Tv inbuilt. Volume level is low

Akis Par. June 19, 2021. Review : The app can't connect (no cast option) to smart TVs (tried with Samsung and LG in multiple WiFi networks). Works with chromecast though

Walter Steven Gaitan Gutierrez. June 22, 2021. Review : The app displays the videos in HD sometimes and sometimes it gives and HDR content error even when the device has the L1 certification (Lenovo Duet Chromebook)

Marc Allen. June 12, 2021. Thumbs : 220. Review : Amazon Prime Video is far superior to Netflix or any of the other streaming services for that matter. Adding channels like Showtime, HBO and Starz only gives you more and better choices. Attach a Google Chromecast to your TV and you will never need to pay for cable again. I haven't for years. Best decision I've made to keep my entertainment costs to a minimum.

Autumn SampsonSmith. June 10, 2021. Thumbs : 166. Review : This app used to work okay (would give 3 stars like a year ago), but streaming to chromecast (CC) has been irritating to say the least. It hardly loads up (not my wifi or CC), sometimes I have to go back three or four times and reload an episode. It crashes on the regular. If you are not on your phone and playing an episode on CC, when the next episode comes on it will stop playing completely and you have to go back into into app and relaunch the next episode. Boo. Please fix.

Kate Thatcham. June 15, 2021. Thumbs : 193. Review : Frustrating that some of the Prime videos will not play, despite following the instructions and updating Chrome. Lots of titles seem to be affected. Another annoying thing is that often the app doesn't remember which series you have been watching - so you have to hunt for the series and find the next episode yourself. It also labels titles as 'new' for series you have already watched... 4/10, could do better!

A J. June 14, 2021. Thumbs : 13. Review : been having the same issue for 2 months where when trying to play anything on my phone, each scene is more and more zoomed in to the top left corner until I literally can't see anything except a very small corner of the film. when using chrome cast or using the TV app it works fine. subtitles can sometimes have errors and sometimes be unsynched.

Erin Galli. May 31, 2021. Thumbs : 5. Review : The app has some annoying aspects. Instead of a button to play the next episode, there's a button asking if I want to rewatch an episode. And the Chromecast button often won't appear. The streaming is good and there are none of the problems like HBOmax has. But the app could be less irritating.

Michelle Blakiston. June 15, 2021. Thumbs : 12. Review : Sometimes I would chromecast a video to my tv but I would only get the picture but no sound. But when I chromecast Binge, Stan, sbs on demand etc I would get sound no problem. I really liked this app until this kept happening It was definitely not mute buttons because everything else had sound including when I played prime just on my mobile Eventually I never got sound when I cast prime to my tv.

Ru Shodai. May 12, 2021. Thumbs : 347. Review : Love Prime Video. But it seems there's an update every week on Google's play store. When I watch it on my Chrome OS laptop, I'm constantly updating the app. I dont have this issue when I watch on my iPad, updates are few and far between. Google has much room for improvement. So not a knock against the app, but rather the OS.

Doug Davis. April 17, 2021. Thumbs : 4. Review : No Chromecast integration. It works just not attached to your Google account like other services. Always starts up with an ad for something . You can close it on the app but really.... It's hard to search, doesn't filter out the free stuff effort for one page.

Raamkumar Krishnan. May 15, 2021. Thumbs : 12. Review : Using this with Android TV is a terrible. For some reason, they refuse to have this app on the Play store for Android TV. At least the Chromecast experience should be seemless but it is the absolute worst among all other apps I'ved used via Chromecast. Generic video players via the web browser has a much more quicker and stable casting than Prime. It takes forever for a video to start and it often doesn't. While playback it fails half way. This subscription is pointless without TV usage

Shaun Morales. May 4, 2021. Thumbs : 11. Review : 5-3-21 app update still has same issues noted (it's 4-15-21 at this moment) and it seems to be missing now. Anyhow, I was having a lot of the gkitchibg like others reported and would reboot my chromecast. Now, after my other review that disappeared, it's just hanging uo after conveniently showing commercials without hiccuos. Some serious shenanigans are amok. As of 4-20-21, problem has gotten worse. Imdbtv stays on a buffering loop conveniently after a slew of commercials play fine. Trashy app!

Aditya Shevade. May 15, 2021. Thumbs : 10. Review : Update 05/2021: still absolute trash. Will not work with Chromecast. Absolutely pathetic. If you're traveling abroad, there's no way to sort movies and shows available in that country. The default tiny list it shows is also incorrect. Add in the mediocre interface and I wonder how Amazon is still in business. Atrocious.

SCX DB. May 16, 2021. Thumbs : 21. Review : The worst search results I have ever seen in an app. Majority of the content I search won't be available, while the same content when searched in chrome pops up with "Watch on Prime". And when I open it in browser it starts playing right away without even giving option to add to watchlist. Lot to improve.

Ash Curnow. May 1, 2021. Thumbs : 173. Review : Since updating the app no longer will stream to Chromecast. This is in addition to my previous issues with invasive ads on a service I am paying for, and the demand for further payment to watch many of the shows. In an era with so many great streaming services, and with Amazon's great wealth and resources, it is more than just disappointing their service is so mediocre. Their only redeeming point is prime originals, which are unavailable elsewhere because if I could watch them elsewhere I would

Vivian Pereira. June 19, 2021. Thumbs : 3. Review : This entire app is just one big pain. Can't Chromecast can't share screen and to make things worse whenever we jump 10 seconds a bloody advertisement comes on. Sigh. And please let us at least change the playback speed ffs.

Kicker Conlin. May 13, 2021. Thumbs : 18. Review : Some solid content but the ads and UI are a bit painful. Lately the ad that plays between episodes lags with inconsistent picture and/or audio and is causing the stream (via Chromecast) to stop and needs to be restarted. Brutal for a paid service. Navigating the app is cumbersome and less intuitive than other platforms.

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